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About V2ph.com

The original intention:

Original intention: When viewing those good-looking pictures, I always want to see high-definition, but there are relatively few high-definition. Many websites claim that the pictures they organize are high-definition, but they are still small pictures, or not high-definition; HD beautiful picture website!

About Watermark

When browsing those beautiful pictures, there is another point that is very annoying. The website likes to add the watermark of its own website to the pictures. Users come to appreciate the beautiful pictures and put those watermarks that affect the user experience. The standard of micro maps: all pictures They will not add their own watermarks. Of course, many pictures are already watermarked when they are officially released. This is unavoidable. Except for the watermarks that come with official pictures, pictures with any other watermarks are included at V2PH. Will not be included!

About advertising, user experience

What V2PH wants to do is to create an ultra-high-definition beautiful picture sharing website to give users the ultimate browsing experience. Due to the cost of maintaining the website, some advertisements are placed to earn some revenue. V2PH will not affect the user experience. Advertising, just to give you a first-class browsing experience!

About picture content

The pictures, photo albums, and sets of pictures organized by this site are all collected from the Internet. Because the collections are all complete sets, it is not possible to check all of them. If you have related illegal pictures, please contact us to delete them!

If your legal rights are violated, please contact us in time and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible!

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